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Micro Mug Cake was born from the need to have a quick and convenient, fully contained, fresh baked snack cake that includes everything except the micro-wave to enjoy a delicious chocolate treat. People told us that they wanted a rich chocolate snack beyond cookies or candy bars that was good for them and provided instant satisfaction and gratification; along with a snack that could be stored in their office desk drawers to satisfy that mid-afternoon craving. Mug Cakes are a popular concept, but not necessarily easy to make when away from home without access to measuring cups and a refrigerator full of other ingredients.



We needed to make our Mug Cake egg free, dairy free, nut free, peanut free, gluten free, and incredibly delicious, as well as easy to store and use. When you read the label on our Micro Mug Cakes you will see how easy they are to bake in less than 2 minutes in a conventional microwave. Everything you need is included in our fully contained package; a white paper measuring cup and a snack size spoon. You only need to measure a white paper cup full of water, pour it into the Mug Cake cup on top of the dry mix, stir to moisten, and bake for 1 minute and 45 seconds in the microwave. Allow the cake to cool a bit while your friends gather around and ask what that fantastic smell is. You can share if you like, but they may eat the whole cake!

We have also addressed a contemporary concern for the environment and the proliferation of plastics. The Micro Mug Cake packaging is 95% compostable and contains little to no plastics or petroleum-based components or ingredients. We care about our environment and want our children and their children to inherit a better, cleaner, world.



Now that you know what we are and what we care for, consider the many opportunities for Micro Mug Cakes beyond your personal enjoyment. They are a great gift idea for that special teacher or friend or for welcoming someone new to your world. Treat your co-workers on a special occasion, or no occasion. Consider giving Micro Mug Cakes on any seasonal holiday gift giving occasion. Help the world enjoy life with a delicious, thoughtful treat.

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